University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Pitt-Johnstown’s Engineering Division & Computer Science Division Completes Exclusive ABET Accreditation

 Pitt-Johnstown’s Engineering & Computer Science Division completed accreditation with the Accreditation Board for Engineering and 技术 (ABET). This exclusive accreditation assures that the Pitt-Johnstown engineering program is the regional leader and has met standards essential to prepare graduates to enter critical STEM fields in the global workforce.

“This is a great moment for the Engineering & Computer Science Division, the 云顶娱乐app下载 and the entire University of Pittsburgh,” Dr. Jem Spectar, President of Pitt-Johnstown, said. “This prestigious recognition was a result of the tireless and diligent efforts of our 学术事务 department, Engineering faculty and staff throughout the long, complex and challenging process of developing, implementing and now securing accreditation for our programs.”


“我们的工程专业的学生长期受到追捧的地方,区域和国家范围内的公司,我们经常听到他们的工作由雇主和同事的行业和自己的专业,贡献表扬” DR。珍妮特·格雷迪,在澳门云顶娱乐-云顶娱乐app下载学术事务的副总裁说。 “我们所熟知的和受人尊敬的工程项目的教唆认证将有助于把我们的毕业生在一个更好的位置,对自己的社区和世界产生积极影响。”


“The importance of this accreditation is that it verifies to the public that we meet the standards for engineering education as set forth by ABET,” said Dr. Jerry Samples, Division Chair of the Engineering & Computer Science Division. “ABET is composed of practitioners and academicians who strive to ensure that students are well educated, that programs are current, and that faculty are keeping up with the changing face of technology.  For the graduates, this allows them to sit for the Professional License later in their career in every state with no concerns about where they attended college.  All of this is very good for the graduates, the companies hiring our graduates, the University and the Commonwealth.”

资格认证过程中2015年十月开始分裂有早期2019年10月与信息的后续交流的认证访问可以通过2020年教唆相识七月和决定于8月26日公布。而在铺贴澳门云顶娱乐-云顶娱乐app下载认证确认云顶娱乐app下载的世界一流的工程教育在全球范围内的工作方式。 ABET认证通过国际协定全世界公认的,和许多其他国家的国家认证系统是基于教唆模型。